Seinfeld Reference: The Complete Encyclopedia

Seinfeld Reference: The Complete Encyclopedia

Seinfeld Reference is authored by a sitcom expert who penned the most comprehensive reference book that has ever been written about the show. This literary masterpiece starts with a timeless historical overview of the show, which was voted “The #1 Greatest TV Series of All-Time” by TV Guide.

Seinfeld Reference also includes remarkably in-depth biographies of the show's creators and stars (Larry David, Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, Michael Richards, Julie Louis-Dreyfus). After reading the book cover-to-cover, you will know anything and everything about the actors and their private lives.

The next section is an ingenious writing of the shows fictional characters as if they were real, resulting in an equally sensational "biography" of the Seinfeld stars and recurring regulars (Jerry Seinfeld, George Costanza, Cosmo Kramer, Elaine Benes, Newman, Frank Costanza, Morty Seinfeld, David Puddy, Susan Ross).

Even more remarkable is the unbelievably exhaustive episode guide that was written for all 180 shows, which includes everything imaginable: cast and technical credits, guest stars (Babu Bhatt, Soup Nazi, Bizarro Jerry, Maestro, Mr. Pitt, J. Peterman, Jackie Chiles, Kenny Bania, Mr. Lippman, Sue Ellen Mischke), plot synopses, featured subplots, original air dates, and interesting facts about the show or its actors.

Seinfeld Reference is an essential book for every fan of the show. If you ever had a question about the show, actors, or characters, this book has all the answers. Photos included, 254 pages.

Dennis Bjorklund is a noted and well-respected television programming authority who has published many small screen books covering some of the best sitcoms in history. In addition to writing books, the Author provides literary contributions to numerous entertainment magazines, and appears on E! Entertainment and Biography Channel as an authoritative expert.

Bjorklund is considered one of the foremost authorities on the television shows Cheers and Seinfeld, and the only person to write thoroughly comprehensive books on these situation comedies. Bjorklund continues to reside in California to remain close to the heart of network television programming.

The Author has written several books on these television shows. Here is the list of available books related to "Cheers" and "Seinfeld":

Toasting Cheers: An Episode Guide to the 1982-1993 Series
Cheers TV Show: A Comprehensive Reference
Cheers Trivia: It’s A Little Known Fact...
Seinfeld Reference: The Complete Encyclopedia
Seinfeld Trivia: Everything About Nothing
Seinfeld Secrets: An Insider Scoop About the Show
Seinfeld Ultimate Episode Guide

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